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Personality Masteries Personality Masteries


Personality Based Selling

This package includes a FREE full assessment and is designed for sales professionals and those in operations who are servicing very important clients. This online system gives sales and operational professionals a powerful on-the-fly personality assessment tool, which will tell the user exactly how to sell and/or service individuals based on the users personality. It will help the sales/operational professional better understand what to say what not to say, when to say it, what voice to use, and how to really communicate trust to each prospect, client, and vendor.

This system will not only empower your sales force to close more prospects but will also empower them to learn how to generate more high quality prospects and do it in less time with less effort. Your operations team will take servicing clients to a whole new level of success and will assist them to bring-to-light additional business opportunities and will produce a RAVING FAN service experience to more of your clients, in less time, with less effort, and less overall training and management time.


  • One time, hour long training session given by an executive personality coach.
  • Access to online training materials on how to identify and work better with all types of personality with a focus on how to sell to that individual
  • Access to our exclusive Point view personality analysis engine
  • Provides insight to YOU on how to best sell/service to an individual based on their personality. Uses our Quick-PersonalityŠ tool to help you identify peoples personality in the first 10 seconds of talking to them analysis is given instantly


Level 1
1-15 Prospect/Clients/month
Level 2
16-30 Prospect/Clients/month
Level 3

Free Personality Assessment





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